Mitigate Ransomware with Asigra

Ransomware - click - virus


Whether it is Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, Locky or another form of malware

Your organization is a risk every time an employee clicks on an email with the dreaded executable attachment containing malicious malware that will infect your network and in some situations the malware may extend across to infect your data in SaaS based applications like Office 365, Google Apps and others.








You can no longer hide from the fact

That there are vicious malware issues happening more often and while promoting safe computing practices is important, it isn’t enough. Backups are your final line of defense when your data is inevitably held hostage by ransomware.



Say no to ransomware by taking preventive measures

Having the right data protection strategy in place to protect your corporate data – the lifeblood of your company – from future attacks. The best approach for prevention is to ensure important corporate data – folders, files, etc. – are securely backed up in an offsite/remote facility. Our solution can backup data residing on VMs, physical servers, enterprise applications and databases, workstations, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Docker containers, Office 365, Google Apps,, AWS and Azure.





Ask yourself…

Do you have a data protection solution in place for all data sources in your data center and beyond – workstations, laptops, cloud-based applications?


Without a proper data protection solution in place for all data it is a vulnerable target for data loss. 


Don’t be held ransom – mitigate your risk today

To find out how you can safeguard your data against ransomware attacks

with our cloud backup solution powered by Asigra.




Comprehensive Data Protection

Protect all data sources within your environment with one solution

Cloud Backup

Securely backup your data to our cloud for maximum protection

Fast Recovery

Quick restores of infected data and/or systems