Partner Video: How Do You Protect SaaS Data and Why You Need To


Is your data created and stored in SaaS applications protected from data loss?


Adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solutions is becoming increasingly popular. Benefits include reduced cost of ownership, increased organization-wide collaboration and enhanced productivity. However, what happens if you lose your data within these applications?


Here are three facts to consider:


1. Corporate data must be protected regardless of where it lives onsite, in a laptop or in a cloud.


2. Most legacy data protection solutions CANNOT backup SaaS data.


3. The best place to protect most cloud – native data – is to another secure cloud.

In this video, Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst of ESG explains why your SaaS data needs to be protected just like other data in your organization and how you can do it.


ESG Video Brief- How To Protect SaaS with Jason Buffington


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