Better Together: Asigra & Zadara Announces Partnership for an OPEX – Based Backup Appliance

Asigra is a leading provider of data protection solutions while Zadara has been changing the game with opex – based storage solutions. These companies who are both known to work mostly with Managed Service Providers has recently come together to provide a solution that combines both technologies to form an opex-based backup appliance that resist ransomware attacks. This backup appliance integrates Asigra Cloud Backup V14 known for its key feature of Ransomware Protection with Zadara Enterprise Storage – a fully-managed, consumption-based storage that supports any type of data, protocol and can be deployed on-premise, cloud, co-location facility, hybrid or multi – cloud.



Sandz Solutions Philippines is a Managed Services Provider with key expertise in Infrastructure Optimization and Data Protection. A strong partner of Asigra and key distributor of Zadara, Sandz has over fifteen years of expertise in the field backed with years of continuous innovation and training. With the announcement of this partnership, Sandz Solutions Philippines is more than eager in providing yet another flexible option for clients looking into protecting their data.  



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