How Virtualization Technology Solves IT Problems

Virtualization technology is among one of the latest solutions to improve the IT process of your enterprise. As defined by Webopedia, virtualization is the process in which “virtual versions” of certain assets are created, segmenting said asset into multiple “execution environments” in the process. This has several types, namely server virtualization, storage virtualization, and more. All of these contribute to an overall better and more convenient to operate network that addresses numerous IT problems.

But how exactly does it do that? Read below to find out.

Enhances IT processes across several fronts

Virtualization improves several aspects of IT and data management. This type of environment does wonders to recovering data, involving automatic snapshots of the virtual machines to ensure data is updated and easily recovered. Said machines can also be transferred quickly should the disaster happen to the data center itself. Just the fact that it’s a virtual environment makes it easier for cloud migration as the solution introduces cloud-like aspects to your IT. Lastly, virtualization cuts the time needed to redeploy everything in your physical server should it shut down. To sum it all up in simple terms, nearly everything is quicker and more convenient, leading to less issues upon execution.

Provides an environment for better testing

This set-up creates separate user environments for the purpose of effective testing. One dilemma when IT professionals test software and the like is how it can affect the whole network if they make a mistake. With independent user environments in place, you can do testing without the repercussions of deleting the important data of the whole enterprise. Aside from this, the snapshots mentioned earlier serve as an undo button that you can use to revert back to the state of your network prior to any mistakes or deletions.

Diminishes hardware and costs

Hardware can be quite costly per piece, and this is especially apparent when you have so many assets in your network. By employing virtualization, you segment virtual machines from one server – allowing you to multitask in managing several systems. This way, you can shell out the extra funds you would have used for hardware to something else instead. You’ll get an effective solution for a cheaper price. Aside from that, it also helps you save up space in your offices. Less servers also mean less heat generated and is the most effective way to reduce said heat.

Lessens the carbon footprint

This last factor may seem inconsequential to your business, but think about it. Would you want to be a company that’s indirectly contributing to environmental problems? If not, then virtualization is something you should consider. With the reduction of hardware comes the reduction of energy consumed, leading to greener energy practices. Bottomline, getting virtualization technology solutions for your business doesn’t just benefit you, but also everyone living on the planet. Even if it seems like your company lessening its carbon footprint doesn’t help much, that’s far from the case as every small effort counts.

To summarize everything, virtualization technology is a cheaper, more convenient, more effective, and a more environment-friendly way to manage your business IT network. It’s high time you take part in innovating your process through this solution. It’ll help address common network problems as well as add in a few benefits of its own.

If you’re worried about managing it yourself, fret not. Sandz Solutions offers this service and can help set it up for your enterprise. Contact us to get started!