Key Personnel In Managed IT Services

Behind every functioning IT infrastructure is a competent team of experts managing it. A managed IT services provider is full of people that are there to help deliver the solutions you need. With this, it’s better if you have a general idea of who exactly are involved in managed services operations and what their duties are so you know what kind of service you can expect. Read more about how these people contribute to ensure all your systems are working for your business.

Service manager
The first important role in these operations is the service manager. As the name suggests, this is the one that makes sure the services given by the company are delivered on time and are of quality. Other duties include coordinating information from both the client and the team, sending progress reports after each project, and maintaining harmonious relationships between provider and client. In essence, the service manager is the face of the managed services provider (MSP) when it comes to meeting with the customers.

Project manager
The project manager is the person in charge of handling projects an MSP is undertaking. It differs from the service manager as while the latter works with an ongoing lifecycle approach (that is, their work is continuous), the former is more project-based. Most of their tasks are related to specific clients and will end once all the agreed-upon deliverables have been carried out. From there, they are assigned to new clients and new projects.

Implementation engineer
Onto the more technical side of things, the implementation engineer is tasked in leading the launch of all the network-, software-, and hardware-related solutions a client needs. They handle all the technical aspects of managed services from start to finish. From initial assessment, to planning, to implementation, and post-project analysis, they are always present to identify the technical issues that need resolution and to carry out solutions as needed.

IT experts
Under an implementation engineer are the various IT experts that make up his team. You can say that the implementation engineer is the leader whose actions dictate the duties of each IT expert. The classifications of these technicians range from technical support to monitoring and management. These positions are crucial in ensuring smooth-sailing in a managed IT services operation. Together, they make the plans of an implementation engineer come to life, and they can also add in their own expert opinion.

Each role, no matter how small or how big, is essential in the whole process of managed services. They all play an important part in ensuring the client is provided with the technical solutions they need, all while applying a tried and tested methodology for maximum efficiency. While clients don’t have to be too informed of the specific and complex tasks of each individual, having an idea of how it works can help them understand what they’ll be getting when hiring an MSP.

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