Misconceptions About Cloud Storage

With the benefits of cloud storage slowly being realized by business owners everywhere, it’s natural for those getting it for the first time to have misconceptions about the service. Be it something offhand they’ve heard from a non-expert or actual inaccurate info, it’s easy to hear these notions and run with it. That being said, it’s important for said preconceived notions to be corrected so potential businesses are properly informed about what cloud storage services entail.

Here, we’ll be looking at different myths about cloud storage solutions and debunking them for you to be better educated about all the pros and cons of this aspect of data security.

Cloud storage has poor security

Most people think that going on the cloud for their business is not secure, and that on-premise data storage is safer. On the contrary, the cloud is equipped with measures such as antivirus software and complex security protocols to ensure your data is protected from entities with malicious intent. It’s also encrypted to a point where data cannot be viewed by anyone outside the network whether it is being transferred or at rest.

Cloud storage is costly

When we hear about innovation such as cloud storage, we usually think that they’re very expensive or at least pricey enough to consider not availing. But actually, it’s going to cost less in the long run because of its subscription model. Of course, you have to choose the right plan for your business based on your capacity to pay now, and your projected capacity to pay in the future. Moreover, getting cloud storage for your business as opposed to getting a physical room and in-house team to handle all that will save you money while having the same or better results.

Cloud storage is a hassle

It’s quite intimidating to migrate the data you have to a new platform – especially if you’re exploring these uncharted waters for the first time. But with a team of professionals by your side, it won’t feel like too much work. These experts make use of the available technology around them to ensure the move to cloud is a smooth process for everyone involved. They’re also there to give advice and recommendations on how to use the cloud based on the data you have and your needs.

Cloud storage is not for small companies

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as cloud storage is actually quite beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises. This is simply because of financial concerns, as most companies of that size don’t have the capability to build a physical facility to house their servers. Because of this, they’ll no doubt benefit better with the cloud as it stores their data without the need for an in-house data center. Not to mention that, as mentioned earlier, entrusting your cloud storage concerns with a group of third-party experts is cheaper than recruiting and training your own team.

Cloud storage is foolproof

The cloud is indeed quite beneficial to enterprises and businesses, but it’s not without its issues and limitations. For example, certain applications will only improve if they are designed for the cloud in the first place. There’s also the case of even top cloud providers not recommending for you to migrate all of your data all in one go. Lastly, for less than satisfactory services, security will still be an issue. Because of this, it’s important for you to check every available cloud storage service you can find to know which one is the best for your enterprise.

With more companies across all industries making use of the cloud and all its benefits, it’s better to have all of the wrong information cleared up before availing said services. If you still have some questions that you need answered, don’t be afraid to talk to your resident cloud provider about it. Knowing all the aspects of the cloud will help you make an informed decision when you finally get it for your business. It also helps to look for alternative solutions, such as on-premises storage, to couple with it so your data is protected on all fronts.

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