What NOT To Do When Experiencing Data Loss

Data loss can cripple a business if not immediately addressed or recovered. That is why there are data backup and recovery services in place when this happens. Despite the speed of the delivery of these services, however, IT disaster recovery teams still need time to assess the damage done and go to your premises if needed. So while you’re waiting for experts to check your devices, here are some things you SHOULDN’T do.

Don’t panic
Panic is a natural response to an unfortunate event, and with how data is absolutely important to any business, the loss of this can be quite stressful to everyone involved. Still, you shouldn’t let panic get to you, as this often leads to some actions that might make the consequences worse. Stay calm, leave the device alone, and call an expert as soon as you can.

Don’t try to recover data on your own
You’ll probably see a lot of solutions on the Internet when it comes to recovering your data. But unless the loss is just something minor or you’re certified to be recovering it, don’t try to do it on your own. This includes using do-it-yourself methods you might have seen on Youtube, opening up the hardware, or other methods. Wait until a technical expert is there to provide their assistance.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions
While you don’t have to be a specialist to truly fix the situation, having the basic knowledge of data, threats, privacy, backup, and more can help you when you come across a similar problem in the future. It also helps you avoid the common causes of data loss by employing methods as advised by your managed services provider.

Don’t be complacent next time
Once the issue has been resolved, should you go back to normal operations? Absolutely, but not without precautions. This data loss should serve as a lesson for business owners to beef up their preventive measures. Things such as not leaving devices opened, securing passwords, and not clicking suspicious links can do a lot in ensuring loss of data doesn’t happen again.

Losing all of your important files and data can have serious drawbacks to your everyday operations. Acting carelessly, however, can potentially cause these drawbacks to be irreversible. Make sure you think before you act when dealing with such emergencies for your business. Always consult an expert before you do anything else, and listen to what they have to say to protect your enterprise in the future.

If you’re not that well-versed in dealing with such incidents, our team at Sandz Solutions can help you with our data recovery and management services. We also provide backup solutions in case of any IT disasters that your business may encounter. Contact us to get started!