When Should You Update Your IT Infrastructure?

Infrastructure optimization is a must for businesses nowadays. Applying such solutions can do wonders in improving the business processes of various enterprises. But while we do recommend doing this for your company, not everyone needs it. Some are doing well as they already have their IT optimized, while others are recommended to have their infrastructure updated through optimization. Read our guide below on what qualifies you to get your infrastructure improved.

Various performance issues
The first sign that you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure is that your business constantly experiences lots of performance issues. Whether it be shutdowns, server crashes, or slower response times, these issues can be quite detrimental to a proper functioning business. These usually happen when either the hardware and software are outdated, therefore not being equipped to handle bigger volumes of data.

Smaller space
Speaking of data, more and more files have taken digital forms because of the need for an online space for employees to store and share data. It’s only natural that these digital files have increased in number in recent years. If your infrastructure can’t handle this volume, or if it runs into issues as more files are added, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Poor security
There’s no doubt that security is a huge issue when it comes to several businesses. The better the security, the less the chances are for breaches that expose sensitive data to people with malicious intent. If your enterprise has experienced threats such as these, your infrastructure is in need of a major protection overhaul. Optimization involves improving the safety of your IT so pertinent information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Outdated hardware and software
We’ve mentioned that outdated hardware and software have a huge effect on performance issues. Aside from this, though, is the fact that you may be using hardware and software that’s at the end of their lives. This means that it has been discontinued in the market, therefore, there won’t be any updates for them anytime soon. So if you’re expecting your old tools to improve, you’re out of luck as that’s as far as their manufacturers are willing to update them.

Higher cost
Still in relation to old hardware, if a certain device does have an update available, the maintenance fees needed are still quite expensive. Not to mention that, because old hardware tends to heat up faster, it significantly adds to your electricity bill. By replacing it with the latest technology, however, you don’t have to shell out too much funds to maintain it as it doesn’t break down easily. It’s also quite light on the energy and electricity used. This is definitely a cheaper yet effective option in the long run.

At the end of the day, the goal of every business is to evolve. The more you expand the enterprise, the more that you need the best tools to ensure your expansion is accommodated. If you tick all of the items above, they all might be proof that your infrastructure as a whole is unable to keep up with your business branching out. When you’ve seen all of it in your enterprise and more, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure.

At Sandz Solutions, we can take that to the next level. Our infrastructure optimization solutions are there to improve your operations greatly while lessening the necessary cost. We complement your existing system with our services and maximize utilization. Our experts can also provide you, the client, the necessary means to optimize your infrastructure. Contact us for more information!