Sandz Solutions Philippines Inc. and Bankware Global Shine at Rural Banking Conference

In a dynamic display of industry collaboration, Sandz Solutions Philippines and Bankware Global made a notable impact at the Management Conference of the Confederation of Southern Tagalog Rural Banks. The event took place on April 25-26, 2024, at Camp Benjamin in Alfonso, Cavite. This partnership is a testament to the shared commitment of innovation and advancement of rural banks and the entire banking sector.

A Strategic Platform for Future Banking

The conference served as a strategic platform for key stakeholders to gather, exchange insights, and shape the future of rural banking. Sandz Solutions Philippines and Bankware Global took this opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and strategic initiatives, designed to empower rural banks in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Introducing BADA

Sandz Solutions Philippines together with partner Bankware Global introduced BADA, a solution aimed at enabling rural banks and financial institutions in Southeast Asia to offer more inclusive banking services to underserved communities.

What is BADA?

BADA (“Banking Anywhere, Digital Anybody.”) means “ocean” in Korean, symbolizing success in the global market and inclusive financial services accessible anytime, anywhere.

With BADA, rural banks and microfinance institutions can expand their reach, providing financial services to underserved communities. This initiative will benefit millions of Filipinos in rural areas, as well as SMEs and informal entrepreneurs, by granting them access to essential banking services that were previously out of reach.

Key Benefits of BADA

    • Boost Competitive Edge: Launch new products faster, reducing time-to-market.
    • Diverse Ecosystem Integration: Easily connect with diverse ecosystems, ensuring future-proof technology.
    • Accessible Digital Adaptation: Enhance digital capabilities cost-effectively using APIs to meet evolving needs.
    • Accelerated System Migration: Achieve rapid migration of core banking systems within months.

Join the Movement for Financial Inclusion

Sandz Solutions Philippines, in partnership with Bankware Global, is committed to accelerating financial inclusion in the Philippines. Learn more about BADA and its benefits to the financial industry by contacting us at