Understanding the True Cost of Data Loss

We are now faced with the reality where the amount of data we receive, process and handle are continuously increasing. Along with this growth comes the increased importance of protecting it from any chances data loss. Data has always been a key asset in any organization, so losing it is never an option.

What is at stake when you lose your data?

  • Brand and Reputation. Losing your data whether through an intentional attack or mistake can say a lot about your company. In this digital age, clients expect high levels of security on data and once news gets out that a company has fallen victim to a breach, they may view that organization as unreliable and look for other options.
  • Productivity and Efficiency Loss. Most businesses operate based on processes and workflows where data acts as an essential part in getting the work done. When organizations are not prepared with their contingency plans, data loss can cause some big delays that ultimately lead to impacts on revenue.
  • Revenue Loss and Missed Opportunities. When data is loss, operations are affected and getting the clients what they need may also be delayed. If you think about it, why would a client wait when they have other options? When clients and even potential investors view an organization as unreliable chances are they won’t push through with whatever dealings they have.
  • Irreversible Impact. Sometimes, in cases of data loss and no recovery plans are in place or are rather ineffective, business may find themselves unable to bounce back from the attack leaving them with no choice but close.

When it comes to protecting your data – prevention is always better than cure. Sandz Solutions Philippines offers Managed Services on Data Protection that protects your data regardless of where it resides (end point, datacenter, offsite locations, cloud). Offered to you as a Managed Service, we make sure that making sure that there are contingencies in place and that your data is protected so when you find your organization fall victim to an incident that makes you lose your data – you can recover as quickly as possible and remain business as usual.

Understand more about our Managed Services for Data Protection. Message use here and set up a schedule with our Technical Consultants.