Simplifying Application Delivery with Inuvika & Sandz Solutions

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a variety of changes on the way people work and how businesses operate. As a Managed Services Provider, we at Sandz are on the continuous look out for solutions that will help businesses support their initiatives despite the continuous changes in the business landscape. It is in this regard that we are pleased to announce a new partnership forged between Sandz Solutions Philippines and Inuvika.

Inuvika is a leading provider of application virtualization solutions that help organizations bridge business critical Windows and Linux applications into the cloud and deliver them to users within a secure virtual workspace. With OVD Enterprise, any business or organization can deliver apps to any device, anywhere, while safeguarding sensitive corporate data. OVD works with today’s I.T. standards, making it fast and easy to implement within private or public cloud environments. Management is also incredibly easy and streamlined with a single web- based console that lets you manage every aspect of your environment from one convenient location.

Use OVD Enterprise to:

  • Secure information and protect against data theft by safely centralizing apps and data within your cloud data center.
  • Let end users work on any modern device, including non-Windows laptops, tablets, phones and thin clients, without losing access to business-critical applications.
  • Enable true workforce mobility with a secure and convenient remote access alternative to VPNs.
  • Reduce IT costs and simplify application management.

Learn more about Inuvika here:

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